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Your Score was just the tip of the iceberg
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Kred has grown up.

Kred is now much more than just a score. The .Kred Top Level Domain (TLD) is the home of influence online. This means Kred Influencers can now have their very own .Kred Identity, engage with other influencers in the .Kred Network, and boost their scores with Empire.Kred.

Kred Identity

Identity for Influencers

While other domains fight to rank in the search results, your .Kred domain identifies you as an influencer from the get-go.

Your .Kred Membership gives you access to your exclusive Influencer Identity Page.

Your page features your Score, your Story, a curated bio and links to your connected social profiles and websites.

Kred Identity Search

A Network just for you

Engage in a Network built especially for social Influencers.

Top Influencers with a score over 800 are invited to join an exclusive environment with access to special rewards.

Kred Networks

Play Invest Promote

Complete social Missions to discover new content and Influencers that are relevant to you, while your Kred Score grows in real time.

Buy and Sell on the Social Stock Market, investing your wealth in a booming economy of Influencers.

Create Missions which promote content that matters to you.

Influence wherever you go

Kred integrates with world class services to ensure that your influence follows you everywhere

Slack helps teams be less busy.

Paired with .Kred, you can be less busy and more influential, by activating team Leaderboards and insightful Influence Analytics.

Infrastructure for Social Enterprise.

SocialOS and .Kred are integrated out of the box, powering engaging KredStreams, motivating influencer Leaderboards and more.

We love Marketing Automations.

Connect a Marketing Automation service (like HubSpot) with .Kred to enjoy 2-way connectivity between your KredStream and your CRM.

Are you an Agency looking for Influence Solutions for your clients?